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Custom Airsoft Patches Customized For You By Hero Patches

Airsoft players and teams are everyday heroes! You have such a passion for what you do. Airsoft is not just a hobby but a way of life. What is most impressive about airsoft is how realistic everything is , from the gun to the uniform. The stimulated airsoft fields can train any mere mortal to become a airsoft hero! There is of course one thing you need in order to call yourself a real airsoft hero and that is a custom patch! Hero Patches offers everything you need to become a airsoft hero! We offer Velcro hook and loop backing options so that you can easily adhere your patches to your uniform. We also offer twill and embroidery thread with colors commonly used in the military, police or other tactical units such as olive drab green, bomber green, bomber blue, field drab, armor sand, and even a line of full pattern camouflage patches. Hero Patches is your one stop shop for all things airsoft! We look forward to working with you on your custom patch project. Please feel free to browse our gallery of airsoft patches that we have produced in the past.

Remember that Hero Patches is the only patch company that creates one of a kind airsoft patches for everyday heroes!