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Largest Fire Patch Collection

Largest Fire Patch Collection At Hero Patches, we love and appreciate everyday Heroes. You might ask what constitutes an everyday Hero. For inquisitive minds, here is our “Everyday Hero Checklist” Everyday Hero Checklist  * Someone that risk their lives for others * Lends a helping hand when needed * Rescues people and animals from danger […]

bob brooks

Bob Brook’s patch collection will soon have a new home, they will be displayed at the Oregon Fire Service Museum. The patches are said to value $30,000 dollars. Bob Brook’s lives and breaths firefighting. He recognizes how important his patch collection is and is aware of it’s prevalence in fire history.

This is what Bob Brooks had to say about his collection: 

“It pays a tribute to the fire service that baseball cards won’t do, that basketball cards won’t do,” Brooks said of his collection. “I could show you a favorite rookie card of a michael jordon, but they are a dime a doze. These aren’t.”

Here’s to Bob Brooks, an everyday hero and avid patch collector.


Custom Marine Patch

Memorial Day Memorial Day is next Monday. This holiday means a lot to Hero Patches because a lot of our customers are in the military. On this day we honor our American Heroes that are no longer with. This blog was inspired by one of customers who is an active Marine, his name is Brandon. […]

bulldog custom marine patch

Thank you Brandon, for sharing your story with us! It was such an honor being able to create this custom marine patch.

This Memorial Day, remember our fallen Heroes.