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Martial Arts Patches

Patches worn by the students of various Martial Arts styles serve many purposes. Historically, many family crests both in Asia and Europe found their way onto the shields, swords and other battle weapons. These family insignia have existed for thousands of years. The modern school patch identifies the student as belonging to a family of sorts, one that trains together at a given dojo. Modern Martial Arts school patches do not have this colorful history, but they often tell a story nonetheless. Many patches attempt to show some elements of the traditional roots of their style.

Pow! Crash! Bang! Whether you are fighting crime, practicing or training , martial art heroes have to look prestiogous and intimadating! From your colored belts to your crisp white uniform , tradition is a huge part of this ancient craft. Custom patches are a great way to combine this tradition and symbolism. Custom patches compliment any martial art uniform. Hero Patches is very familiar with the martial arts patch process. Our custom patch heroes (creative speaclist) will work with you one on one to ensure that you receive the highest quality custom martial arts patches at a affordable price. We look forward to working with you on your custom patch project. Please feel free to browse our gallery of martial art patches that we have produced in the past.

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